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Helium Balloon Gaz Canister Disposable


What’s a party without balloons? Whatever you’re celebrating, create an amazing balloon display using our helium gas canister! It makes it quick and easy to blow up balloons and complete your decorations for a birthday, wedding or any other event.

Suitable for both latex and foil balloons, this helium gas canister saves you the trouble of going to get your balloons filled in-store. Simply buy balloons that are suitable for use with helium and blow them up at your venue to be ready to party.

Our lightweight and disposable helium balloon tanks are easy to use. The valve also makes sure you don’t lose loads of helium, allowing you to fill as many balloons as possible.

Estimated Capacity:

50 x 9-inch latex balloons

Please Note:

Canister capacity is estimated and not guaranteed.

Appearance of helium gas canister and packaging may differ from image shown.

Dimensions (approximately): H 46cm x D 27cm

Safety Instructions:

Read the included safety data sheet before use, to ensure you use the cylinder as safely as possible.

For Best Results:

Follow the instructions on the box. Do not over-inflate balloons. Inflate balloons just before your event.

Age: 18 years +

Catégorie :

Gaz Hélium – Grande 540 p


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