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DEVIA – Smart earphone with lightning interface for iPhone


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* Connected through Bluetooth
*Operated by Remote
*Power supply through Lightning;
*The Lightning is only for power supply;
Must connect through Bluetooth.

Lightning Interface – Powering the Future of Listening

The Smart Earphone sets itself apart from the competition with its innovative Lightning interface. Utilizing the iPhone’s Lightning port, this earphone draws power directly from the device, ensuring uninterrupted usage. It’s essential to remind your customers that the Lightning interface is solely for power supply purposes and doesn’t handle audio transmission.

The Power of Reminders

With the Smart Earphone, users will receive timely reminders and notifications, all directly transmitted to their iPhones via the Bluetooth connection. Whether it’s reminding users to take a break, drink water, or stand up and stretch, this feature promotes healthy habits and sets the Smart Earphone apart from traditional options.


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