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6115 – Banbao Café

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Everyone gathers at the BanBao café for a good cup of coffee. The owner is a charming woman. Various kinds of coffee are served, but you can also buy delicious cakes. There is a stall selling fresh fruit outside, which is especially nice on hot summer days! Come and have a look with your friends and enjoy a good cup of coffee. Would you like some cake or would you rather have some fruit from the stall? You will have a great time in this café! Build this cosy café with the BanBao building blocks. The Trendy City series is an educational and colourful building series. Place the characters (Tobees) around the café and have a great day while enjoying a cup of coffee! This toy consists of a café, a stall, 3 characters, accessories and much more.

Materials: high gloss plastic, ABS.

Number of pieces:338

Recommended age: from 5 years old

Compatible with other blocks such as LEGO

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