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6111 – Beauty Salon


Get ready for a great day in the beauty salon! First, take a nice
warm shower. Next, take a seat at the most talented hairdressers
and get a completely new hair style. To finish your look, the
stylist will put on the most beautiful make up! Before going
home, you can take a sunbathe on the roof terras in order to
unwind. Now, you are completely ready for an evening out, with
the girls. Once again, it was a heavenly day in the beauty salon!
Build this marvellous beauty salon of the Trendy City series with
the building blocks of BanBao. The Trendy City series is a
colourful educational construction series for girls. Place the
Tobees around and in the beauty salon and give them a complete
new look!

Materials: high gloss plastic, ABS.

Number of pieces:382

Recommended age: from 5 years old

Compatible with other blocks such as LEGO

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