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Kyvol Epichef AF600 Air Fryer 6QT Large Capacity With Wifi Smart Control


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WIFI Smart Control:Kyvol app can remotely customize the time and temperature during your cooking with smart functions like original recipes, cooking time delay, real-time cooking history.

100+ Official Pre-Programmed Recipes:100+ classic recipes on the Kyvol app assist you to explore your favorite recipes.

12 Preset Cooking Programs on Panel:The touch screen digital control panel is easy to use with the 12 most popular preset functions on the LED display. You can also adjust the settings while cooking.

6-Quart Large Capacity:6-quart space fits large food items without having to break into pieces as round designs require.

See-Through Viewing Window:The visible LED viewing window is convenient for you to observe the cooking process.

Ceramic Coating Basket

Cleaning the basket is also simple. You can sit back and relax, and the dishwasher will take care of everything.

Taste the Same but Much Healthier

Enjoy delicious and crispy textures with 85% less oil with fewer “deep-fried” odors lingering in the kitchen.

Fine Panel

Simply rotate the switch to choose whatever food you like to cook, and a nice meal will be ready soon.

360° Quick Heat System

The carbon fiber tube can save cooking time for even and fast heating compared with the traditional oven.

Cook Whatever You Love

The customized “My Recipe” button can be easily set as any of the 100+ online recipes on the Kyvol App.


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